“At MFR Solution Team, we are committed to delivering a distinguished service, focused on providing a fast and efficient solution to our customer’s highest priorities.”

– Maria Francis Rodriguez

MFR Solution Team LLC is a consulting firm located in Titusville, Florida. Our services are goal-oriented to collaborate with leaders, teams, and business organizations, who are ready to move up toward a higher level of performance and service. Our purpose is to support your decision to excel by creating a simple and replicable system that will expand your competitive advantage, increasing the possibilities for you to embrace new opportunities with confidence, knowing you will fulfill or exceed customer expectations.

MFR Solution Team LLC emerged as the consolidation of an intelligent and visionary organizational leader and entrepreneur, who is committed to excellence and always open to empower, edify, and lead changes for better results. MFR Solution Team LLC is the quality improvement partner you can trust for a successful project, and an amazing growth experience. While our professional services range from training and facilitation, new procedure implementation and corrective action toward a main project management of cultural transformation or team-building strategy. Our focus is to facilitate processes, successfully achieving objectives and goals that attain your vision for your organization. Our promise is to offer you the resources you need to transition as harmoniously and seamlessly as possible, from point A to point B in your business strategy. Our customers will always maximize their success while addressing opportunities for improvement with our firm.


We will be recognized as the most trusted firm to lead performance and quality improvement projects in business development. The impact of our approach will become, and always remain known in the business community.


To develop and deliver solutions that successfully fulfill your needs for improvement in performance capability and organizational development. We are here to facilitate your journey towards a new level of excellence.

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Integrity: Our behaviors and actions reflect the knowledge, values, and thoughts we nurture in ourselves. We believe we are here to honor the opportunity of this life with the decision to live with purpose, the commitment to be honest, and the integrity to claim for “Excellence” in customer satisfaction at all times of service process.

Life Balance: Life balance or work-life balance is one of the most assertive and proactive strategy to promote people’s wellbeing and business growth. We believe people’s productivity can be positive and effectively impacted by harmonious transition between the most important aspect of life; Lifestyle, family environment, and work condition. So, we encourage everyone and every business to embrace values and practices that enrich the work experience (policy, operations and culture), while also empower development and awareness in their human capital.

Trust: We believe in people and their capacity to achieve greatness. Our trust is based in our genuine intention to build long-term relations with our clients and community, while successfully delivering the highest quality of service at any time.

Safety: Because people’s health and wellbeing are important to us, and we strongly believe safety is everyone responsibility. Our approach and strategies will always enhance awareness and education of safety behaviors.

Knowledge: Your goals, requirements, and objectives to move forward are the reason and the why’s of MFR solution Team activity. We are firmly packed and strongly committed to add value to our customers process of change, learning, or improvement. Share with us your needs for development and let us find the best approach to achieve it.

Growth: Our customers are people and organization with huge potential to grow and develop in the direction of their dream or vision, but they are dealing with situations and factors that hold them back. We are in the business of quality services because we care, and it is our goal to facilitate process improvement for the achievement of excellence. Let’s work together!


We believe growth and development comes from within for individuals and organizations. We are in business to help you build the path to develop and achieve your potential when you find it is time to evolve on the dimension of service you can provide. Let’s start setting the path for developing new strengths and embracing a bright future.

Among the many services we provide:

Our Professional Service includes a situational analysis of processes and performance capability related to specific areas with suggestions for improvement and development plans.


The focus of the founder Maria Francis Rodriguez is to exceed customer expectations on projects that allow her to achieve client objectives, while also influencing their growth and development.

Maria has more than 25 years of experience that involves the two main areas where she is really passionate. The first one is focused on the Human Capital of the organization, considering people’s capacity to learn new values and embrace growth. The second has always been related to Organizational Development, creating the path for lean processes and effective operations. She confidently admits that thanks to diverse job opportunities, her consistent attention to detail, and persistence in continually improving her soft and critical skills, MFR Solution Team LLC is perfectly poised to serve organizations who want to raise their culture standards.

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